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Comedy Movie.Four friends reunite to throw a block party in memory of their neighborhood Og. A Feature film based in Houston Texas.We follow four friends as they return to the hood where crazy stuff happens.The movie is full of laughter, great music, Houston Icons & culture.

Parts Available for Auditions
Male Characters

Young Tray (No dialogue. Cameo)
Young Vobby (No dialogue. Cameo)
Young, Young Lac (No dialogue. Cameo)
Young Luther (No dialogue. Cameo)
Tray aka Tick Tock (Lead Role) Very lazy. Loves video games. Always willing to be there for his friends.
Luther aka Swisha (Talks proper. Hates his old life) A father and husband. Luther doesn’t like to get into any trouble.
Spider (Tray’s father) Hilarious but always has a serious face. Gets on his sons case about a job often.
Big Steve (Big dude.) Laid back. Loves to crack jokes. Big Steve can be serious when it’s the time and place for him to be serious.
Charlie (Barber) age 50 and up. Charlie loves talking about stories of his younger days.
D-Mo (Barber) Likes to crack jokes. Loves talking about sports.
Bam (Window cleaner) Very funny. Talks really fast.
Tisha Boyfriend (has no dialogue. More of a cameo appearance)

Female Characters

Tahonnie (Trays mother) Speaks softly. Smiles a lot.
Model 1 (Interacts with Young Lac/Brittany’s sister
Two young girls (ages 4-9) (Luther’s daughters)
Brittany .. A little shy but not afraid to tell someone about themselves.
Grams (Vobby’s grandmother) Always excited to see someone.
Sandra– very funny. Loves to dance.
Ka’Mesha (Crack head. Bye Felicia) Always begging for things.

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