Campaign Bundle Level 1


EPK + 2 Publication + 2 Interviews + 2 Shows ( 60 Days ).

Grade A Media is the ultimate solution for every aspiring music artist who wants to kickstart their career. Our package provides a comprehensive plan of marketing activities that will ensure your success as an independent artist in just 60 days!


EPK + 2 Publication + 2 Interviews + 2 Shows ( 60 Days ).

With Grade A Media, you’ll receive all the necessary tools required to make your mark in the music industry – an Electronic Press Kit and two publication placements for your music. You’ll also get two interviews with acclaimed industry professionals to further bolster your popularity among fans and peers alike. Finally, our package also includes two shows’ performances at top venues in your area.

Everything we offer strives to help hone and showcase why you’re unique from other artists, ranging from highlighting how great of a sound engineer you are, or how passionate you are about inspiring others with creative lyrics. We guarantee that after our 60-day service agreement, you’ll be well on your way towards establishing yourself as a successful musician!

Let Grade A Media help elevate your musical journey today!


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